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[18 Sep 2004|09:33pm]
Hehe kay nevermind.

But I'm making a new lj.

and I made a new aim. no one will ever know. Unless I added you or told you it :)
Take my heart

Goodbye [17 Sep 2004|05:30pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Kay. I'm not going to even try anymore with internet friends. So bye everyone. It was fun.

I'm deleting everyone thats not from my school from my buddylist. Goodbye and I'll miss...most of you.

This will be public.

1 Dont Break ItTake my heart

Friends Only [05 Sep 2004|02:07am]
[ mood | bored ]

No, I didn't make it. I found it. :)

1) I will give you a warning if I'm about to delete you.
2) Don't hog up my friends page with your long ass posts or pictures. Use lj cuts. Kthnx. If you don't know how to make one, go look at the damn FAQ.
3) Don't comment if I hate you.
4) If you read these rules put 'Vicki is le sex' in your subject line of your comment.
5) Don't critisize me in your comments on my entries.
6) If I don't like you, I'll ignore you. So you'll know why you weren't added. Or I'll just tell you.
7) Nah. How about you put 'Vicki is LIKE WOAH' in the subject line instead. ;D

Now comment bitches.

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